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2018 Year in Review

As we close down 2018 and start to look forward to next year, we wanted to take this time to reflect on this last riding year.

We started this year out with a bang! We had a booth set up at the Donnie Smith Motorcycle Show in March. It was a real fun event and meeting so many new faces was a real pleasure! With the added help of Ernie’s awesome classic bike to help draw people in, our outreach to the riding community was outstanding.

In April, we teamed up with the Polaris Foundation to help with the running of the Spring Flood Run. Was a brisk day and turnout was a little light since we had that snowstorm about 5 days before the run, but the roads were clear and the ride went off without a hitch!

This is when we started up our riding season with organized rides each Sunday. Our rides took us all over Minnesota and Wisconsin and on routes that were both fun and beautiful. Each week was something different and our members enjoyed them!

In late June, IARGMN partnered with The Angel Foundation of Minnesota and organized the 1st Annual Angel Run. This was a ride where 100% of the proceeds went directly to The Angel Foundation of Minnesota. The ride started in St. Paul and took us up to Franconia Sculpture Park. 87 bikes took part in this inaugural ride with consistent feedback about how well it was ran and how they are looking forward to making this an annual tradition.

In July the group did an overnight trip to Duluth. I heard some shenanigans were afoot and good times were had. Everyone who took part raved about how enjoyable the trip was and are looking forward to going again next year!

The Fall Flood Run was in September and once again IARGMN partnered with the Polaris Foundation to help run it. Also, IARG ran a dollar raffle with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Soldier’s-6 to help them with their mission of providing service dogs to law enforcement and veterans who are in need of that service!

All in all, it was a great year and we can not wait for 2019’s riding season to start at the Spring Flood Run.

For more information on joining this charity supporting rider’s group, send us a message in the contact page!