History of IARG


The first mention of an Indian Riders Group (IRG) dates back to 1907, when a group of motorcyclists loosely banded together to go riding.  The founding fathers of Indian Motorcycle recognized this loyalty, and wanted their dealers to help promote this feeling by urging them to help form local Riders Groups.  They felt that the association of like-minded individuals would increase the overall experience of riding the motorcycle, foster camaraderie among owners, give hands-on feedback to the dealer on the good and bad points of the bike and, of course, sell more motorcycles.  In the 1920s, the motorcycles had ceased to be pure transportation, and became a sport.  Motorcycling was fun, and riding a motorcycle was an experience that one could share with family and friends.  The brand of motorcycle gave bragging rights over others, and good-natured (most of the time) competition only made riding better.  A Riders Group reinforces the strong loyalty among its family of riders and can better plan and promote activities for all of its participants.  The Riders Group can plan and organize rallies, and as the organization grows, it can offer more benefits to members, enhancing the motorcycling experience. 

“The Original” Charter Members


Original Executive Committee – 2009-2010

Alan Soderlind
Ernie Owens
Ron Cossette
Secretary:  Rochelle Cossette
Sergeant-at-Arms:  Bill Finney

Original Board of Officer 2011

President:  Alan Soderlind
Vice President:  Dan Conlan
Treasurer:  Bob Pitsor
Secretary:  Sharon Sokol
Sergeant-at-Arms:  Fred Tacheny

A motorcycle rider's group for the Twin Cities area. All bikes welcome!