Honoring Phil, a WW2 Veteran

Did we get wet? Yup! Did we die? Nope!

An absolute awesome and humbling day.

A call went out and IARGMN answered!

Meet Phil, a 96 year old WWII veteran. He is from a generation of young men that answered our nations call. Phil used to ride an Indian in his younger days.

Phil had a simple request, he wanted to see and hear some Indians. We tried to help when this was originally scheduled last month but Mother Nature had other plans. Well Mother Nature tried to thwart those plans today but failed.

We rolled in and was he in heaven! Hearing these bikes today made his day! He said his Indian never sounded like these!

We presented him with an IARGMN patch and made him an honorary member! Levi Watkins presented him with an Indian guardian bell for his wheelchair!

Two other veterans came out to see the bikes as well and Levi presented another Indian guardian bell for a veteran’s walker!

Then we were all invited in to meet a couple of more veterans that were not able to come outside.

Our nation is currently losing over 400 WWII veterans a day. We owe them a debt that we will never be able to repay. Honoring them in the way we did today makes me so proud to be a member of this group.

Thank you to everyone who made the journey today and braved the elements.

Thank you to Beth Johnson for coordinating this unique and special opportunity.

And a side note. The National Anthem was played and the two young children stopped what they were doing and stood with their hands over their hearts through the entire song.